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Ujjwala Yojna
Ujjwala Yojana is a milestone in Indian welfare governance

Ujjwala Yojana of India’s Modi is changing life of millions

Prime Minister Narendra Modi sets an excellent example to what really means “a government for the people” with the commence of Ujjwala Yojana during his first tenure that works in favour of the people below poverty line by providing LPG for cooking purposes. Even after 7 decades of freedom, we were working to achieve the basic necessities. And so far we have only witnessed one government that is actually striving for a better tomorrow. BJP has moved its focus in bettering India to its core, starting with basic necessities, and improving the livelihood of the common masses. This is a huge step in improving India because most of the people in the rural and village area were unknown to the privilege of LPG, and therefore uses kerosene and wood which not only acted as a threat for their health but also to the environment overall. Here BJP sets another example of how it is not only working for the citizens but also for the environment and assuring a better and pollution free tomorrow for future generations to come.

Ujjwala Scheme was launched by Honourable Prime Minister on 1st may, 2016 at Balia, Uttar Pradesh. With this BJP aimed to provide five million LPG connections to people below poverty line by the year 2019, and another five million to people above the poverty line. One connection costs around one thousand and six hundred rupees so you do the maths about how much the government spent on this scheme. The scheme aims to replace unclean cooking fuels with clean and more efficient LPG. Unclear cooking fuels produce high levels of household air pollution with a range of health damaging pollutants, including small soot particles that penetrate deep into lungs, exposure is particularly high among women and young children, who spend most time near the domestic hearth and therefore this scheme brings a relief to the health of many.

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With this scheme came the opportunity of employment as five thousand LPG distributors have been added in last three years primarily in rural areas to meet demands created for LPG under this marvel working scheme. This scheme does not only provide clean fuel to the poor, works for the betterment of the environment but also provides bread and butter as it creates employment. Government is using Socio Economic Caste Census date 2011 for the identifications of people below poverty line.

Ujjwala Yojana
(Happy women who benefitted from PM Modi’s Ujjwala Yojana)

According to survey undertaken by Micro Save (financial consulting firm) in 12 districts of eastern, central and western Uttar Pradesh revealed that nearly all the beneficiaries of the scheme switched to cooking on gas as soon as the LPG cylinders arrived.

Let’s discuss what effect it will have on the common mass. LPG saved one to two hour of cooking as it is faster, which was sigh of relief for the women. Who doesn’t like to have a few hours to themselves a day? With this scheme women don’t have to go looking for dry wood or face other problems, it focused on making women’s life easy. What was the matron’s opinion on this scheme? Well, Manoj Sharma, Director of Micro Save, Asia states “They reported spending time chatting with their neighbours, resting, or even doing other household work”. Now who won’t like to chat, or rest or spend time doing other things than burning wood and kerosene?

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This scheme provides hope for a green tomorrow, with India moving up the list of the most polluted countries, this might make a difference. Mahatma Gandhi said, “India lives in her village”, and BJP has targeted to develop India from her village. Developing India from her very core, providing basic necessities, and delivering the promise of a better tomorrow.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming out as a leader and a true philanthropist striving for better tomorrow. His hard work and pure dedication to his work has won over people’s heart and it helped BJP eradicating the damages caused in the era of previous governments.

– Parth Rishik is a budding lawyer at Law College Dehradun, and a columnist writing on legal topics. He also volunteers actively in various NGOs providing legal aid. 

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