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The Kalimpong Store
(The Kalimpong Store, bringing you the best organic products)

The Kalimpong Store, bringing best organic products for you

Dipesh Agarwal, Founder of The Kalimpong Store in an exclusive interview with The Charticle  discussed about this new venture, organic farming, rural and farmer empowerment and much more. The Kalimpong Store is an innovative venture in organic food and health segment focused to provide you with best organic products.

1. What’s the idea and story behind The Kalimpong Store?  

The idea behind our venture “The Kalimpong Store” is to celebrate the spirit of the hills of Bengal and Sikkim. We endeavor to support our farmers, artisans, and small entrepreneurs. We want to give our customers access to the mountains at their doorsteps and deliver them quality products from our farms. Our products are pure, organic, and still holds medicinal properties of nature. We support our small artisans and craftsman by showcasing their work. We want to do all this while taking care of our natural environment and we are proud to say that we are a zero-waste company. Our philosophy is guided along the pillars of Authenticity, Regeneration, and Harmony.

2. How do you feel The Kalimpong Store is bringing a positive change towards rural and farmer empowerment?

Due to various reasons like NO use of chemical fertilizers/pesticides; NO use of heavy machinery, farming in mountains is tough, labor-intensive, and the farm produce is up to 50% less as compared to the plains. But, thankfully our farming practices are organic, regenerative and in sync with mother nature. They produce 100% organic food which still hold medicinal properties of nature.

We as a brand want to support and empower these farmers by practices like cooperative structures and fair pricing. We want to make farming and crafting economically viable for them. We encourage them to continue living their life in peace and harmony with their motherland.
The Kalimpong Store


3. Tell us more about your product range and its benefits?

With our products we want our customers to have direct access to the mountains at their doorstep. We are staring with Himalayan Haldi and Himalayan Herbal Ghee and Himalayan Jams within our brand but with our e-commerce venture, we will be supporting our small local entrepreneurs who can sell anything from Dalley (Himalayan Chilli) to Sang (Tibetian Dhoop) to Handicarfts. Our aim is to bring products that suit to the physical and mental well being of our customers.

4. Do you feel that people are gradually shifting towards a healthier lifestyle? And how do you plan to contribute towards it?

Absolutely, people are getting serious about their health and people are adapting to a more eco-friendlier and healthier lifestyle. Gandhiji said – It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. Health is becoming a priority and people are opting for organic products and buying from environmentally conscious brands. People are realizing the value of their traditional practices and getting aware of the medical benefits of Ayurveda. Many Indian brands have made people realize the power of swadeshi and ayurvedic products.

We as a brand want to make people more aware of their health, our environmentally conscious products add to a healthier lifestyle for people. We produce everything naturally without the use of any preservatives. We also work on green inntivatives and better farming practices like natural farming with our farmers.

5. As an entrepreneur what motivated you to drive your brand?

I always wanted to help our hill villagers. I belive that their lifestyle is something that should be preserved. In a way they work and live with utmost harmony with nature. These people need a strong brand which can tell their story, and help them sustain that life economically. Farming and crafting has been thier forte but lately a lot of people are opting out of it because it had become hard to economically sustain thier life and moreover they are not getting the right value for their hard work. But, with the currently unfortunate COVID situation they are finding it hard to find jobs and are back to thier villages. Now we are trying to create a brand that can sell their products and give them fair pricing for their work.

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