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Agriculture on Blockchain
FARM (Food and Resource Matrix)

FARM – An innovative blockchain solution for sustainable futuristic agriculture

Last few years we have been seeing a rampant rise of blockchain based cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is the first radical technology innovation of the 21st century. A blockchain assets provide an enhanced level of security, increasing the security of the system from hacking and fraud. It provides an easy mechanism to allow users to securely transfer the assets between parties and facilitates easy audit of user accounts. The project FARM (Food and Resource Matrix), an India based blockchain startup will use blockchain to monitor the supply and demand chain in agriculture and weed out major problems in agriculture.

FARM (Food and Resource Matrix)

FARM is not just another cryptocurrency, it is backed by a sustainable futuristic model. Agriculture on blockchain is the need of hour. FARM will use Blockchain technology in agriculture sector as its business model to produce, harvest, post harvest management, process and storage, transport and distribution of crops and food products across India and all around the globe. Blockchain will be used to monitor data regarding Demand and Supply, transportation, storage of crops, pre and post harvesting of crops and crop products to ensure peer to peer connection between farmers and end consumers. This will bring transparency in the agriculture industry and will help in effective decision making by farmers to decide type of crops to be grown in the following season commercially.

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FARM will be raised as an organisation of reliable source of information, solution providing guide, a blockchain based business development firm, a training and service sector institution, a leading community of advanced farmers, and an agriculture market influencer. FARM will consist of many blockchain based sister organisations which will help eliminate shortcomings in decisions and implementations of FARM.

Agriculture on Blockchain (FARM)

FARM will also be developing a lab for quality testing and innovative farming so that their produce can be tested in quality and better farming solutions can be developed for agriculture sector. They are totally focusing on high powered research and development facility, they have high qualified agricultural scientists and agro think tanks to derive feasible solutions to encounter problems. To reach mass scale they are attracting other organisations for sustainable development solutions, and will also facilitate blockchain based solutions in agriculture sector for marketing and to reach price stability. Lab will also improve performance of growth in our technology section and help in developing new machines and equipments for agriculture. FARM will be installing quality testing labs all across the globe to help delay and reduce abnormalities in agriculture sector.

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There are numerous blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies but how many of them are aiming for a sustainable future? Food, is undoubtedly the most important need for any species, it is the basis of our survival. FARM is very futuristic in this approach, promoting organic farming for a healthier future of our planet. So if you are a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast you can visit and get to know more about on their website at

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