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7 ideas to make your winters go more stylish

We love winters, specially styling in winter! Don’t we? So what’s new this season? Padding, protective lines and cosy knits came together on the catwalks, perhaps as a shelter from the doom and gloom of a world in crisis. But if trends are truly heading for more and more comfort, fashion is retaining its sense of fun, its color and glamour, always with an sense of determination and self-assuredness. In short, this winter season it’s all about celebrating the individuality of style through the multitude of trends waiting to be worn. Here are 7 ideas to make your winters go more stylish. You can thank us later. 

1) Long Coats or Long Jackets give us stylish moods with a pair of treggings and a pair of boots:

Long coat in winters is the minimum benchmark every fashionista keeps for them but rather than wearing jeans with them the new high in fashion treggings are the best option to team up with the long coats or jackets as the amazing slim fit of these stylish pants make a perfect match up for them. A pair of boots will always look classy when paired up with long dresses hence you are free to choose the most preferred length of boots and you are ready to go out in a cold winter night.

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2) Hats and woollen caps like older days are like a Queen’s Crown specially in winter days:

Some styles never get old as style is not only about how we look when we owe it but also about how comfortable we are with it. The fashion of hats originated from the European countries where it was too cold and the ladies used to wear to save themselves from cold winters as well as to look stylish at the same time. Woollen caps make the winters warmer and stylish at the same time just like the hats have been doing since years for now.

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3) Bright Colours in dull winter days will change your working ways:

This is a common misconception that winter is for blacks and browns. The dull days demand colours to balance the shades. Try wearing a sunflower yellow, fuchsia pink, sky blue, tomato red, bright orange, lime green and some other playful colours inspired by the nature just as these and turn the dull winter day to brightness personified and feel the energy within yourself when you move around.

Winter Fashion
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4) Don’t run away from Ethnic wear as good occasions are very rare:

We don’t need to avoid wearing ethnic wear in winters just because we can’t wear cut sleeves and backless. Choose the winter fabrics with more work on them and get it stitched a bit loose and full sleeved. The loose fitting will help you wear more clothes like inner from the inside and will keep you warm while you will look stylish at the same time.

Winter wear
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5) Sparkles and Shimmer to add on the glamour:

Plain is always good but the best way to make a party look interesting is to shine in the dullest coloured dresses. Choose a shrug or coat in the sequin fabric and you are ready to go in any party in western attire. Flaunt the glam you will carry with the shine you will carry inside out and be the life of the party in your unique ways.

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6) No hints about the kind of makeup? Smokey eyes are always nice:

The glam-up is always incomplete without atleast a minimal of makeup but when you have no idea about what to do choose the easiest smoky eyes which will go with almost all colours and choose the best colour of lip shade that matches with your outfit to complete the winter makeup look. Almost any shade can contrast with the smoky eyes.

Winters Makeup
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7) In winters, it’s like free locks ready to flock:

Nourish your hair with proper oiling and natural products and be ready to go with untied hair wherever you go as open hair keeps you warm which is the best benefit you get in winters and you look more beautiful when you let things be in the natural way they have been given to you, i.e. Free. Open hair looks great with woollen caps and it is more comfortable to wear a woollen cap in open hair than in tied up hair.

Styling in Winters
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– By Ayushi Dimri

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