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Free Pashtunistan
(Cadaver of Tahir Dawar who was killed by Pakistan security establishment)

What happened at Torkham, Pakistan again exposed

On November 15 when we took the cadaver of Tahir Dawar with public and official protocol from Jalalabad to Torkham, the convoy was stopped in about one km from the crossing point on Durand line, and I with three other colleagues walked to the crossing point where we met Mohsin Dawar, an MP and PTM’s senior member, accompanied by a Pakistani delegation. After a handshake and a hug with Mr. Mohsain Dawar, I shake my hand with Sheharyar Afridi, Shaukat Yousafzai and Ajmal Wazir, during the handshaking they introduced themselves respectively as the Interior Minister, Provincial Minister and Provincial Spokesman, and I said, I know. The crossing point was strictly controlled by the Afghan and Pakistan security forces and was closed for all and/or any type of traffic regardless.

After the handshake, I proclaimed our decision on Tahir Dawar’s corpse to Mohsain Dawar that it should be received by the martyr’s family, Pashtun tribal elders, Manzoor Pashteen and his colleagues only. At this point, Mohsen Dawar asked me if he could receive the corpse. Well, he needs more people to help him in taking the coffin, I said. In the meantime, Sheharyar Afridi blurted in the middle of our conversation saying that they were all there to receive the corpse. We will devolve the cadaver only to the people I have just mentioned, I said. Ajmal Wazir tried to irrupt and said that they all were Pashtuns. You are forgetting that you are not representing Pashtuns but being the puppets and stooges of Punjabi state, I said. Sheharyar Afridi again jolted and said “Martyr Tahir Dawar was our brave senior officer and his body shall be taken with all official protocol”. He was your country’s senior brave officer and of course a self- respecting Pashtun as well, but now since your country has murdered him and thrown his body on this side of the Durand line to asperse Afghanistan, and tried to beguile by your profane and inhuman deed, we will not let the murderer to receive the smashed body of our beloved martyr, you please get out of the way and let Mohsain Dawar, deceased’s family, Manzoor Pashteen and Pashtun tribal elders to receive the corpse, or I shall take it back to Jalalabad, I said.

Mohsain Dawar noticed the sensitivity and requested me to talk to him in private, yet, the Pakistani civil officials tried to wriggle by introducing someone who was a Waziristani Pashtun according to them and said that Mohsain Dawar is also an elected MP like other civil officials”. Yes, Mohsain Dawar is an MP, yet he is not only Dawar’s tribe but all Pashtun’s leader, while I do respect the man you have introduced as a Waziristani Pashtun, but I have no clue who he is, I said”. However, Mohsain Dawar along with his few other colleagues left with us to an Afghan Police officer’s office, before the officer leaves he said “Pashtuns on both sides of Durand line are Afghans, please make sure to reach a decision soon, so the cadaver is delivered to his family on time”.

Tahir Dawar
(SP Tahir Dawar who was allegedly killed by Pakistani security establishment)

Ajmal Wazir to fulfil his taken task entered the room in the middle of our conversation and told Mohsain while pointing towards the Pakistani side “they are not ready either, they won’t accept the condition, so forget about handing over the body to Manzoor Pashteen and deceased’s family, instead, we the official shall receive the body.” I rejected his stance and told him that SP Dawar’s corpse was not for his publicity, he had to go and get deceased’s family, tribal elders and Manzoor to receive the cadaver. We both felt each other’s anger. However, we did notreach to an agreement even after an hour benignly, gently, acrimony and grumpiness conversation. Mohsain Dawar then took me outside and tried to convince me by talking about the compulsion and state’s pressure encompassed him. During the persuadable conversation, we grabbed each other’s chin and he asked me to hand over the cadaver. I told him that in friendship I could have done anything for him, but this was totally a different and very sensitive issue for all of us and I would never devolve Tahir Dawar’s cadaver to his murderers.

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Instantaneously, some Momand tribal elders came and took me to a corner, after the conversation we agreed that we won’t demand Manzoor Pashteen’s presence but we would hand over the corpse to Pashtun tribal elders’ only, not Punjabi government’s stooges. Mohsain Dawar then left to talk to the Pakistani delegation in their office, I had no idea what they were discussing there, but a revolutionist friend called over my phone and told me that Sheharyar Afridi was insisting that he would receive the corpse. However, Mohsain Dawar had made clear to them that the Pashtun tribal elders would never hand the cadaver over to Pakistani delegation, and then he with almost a dozen tribal elders came to receive the cadaver, we separated them in a queue from the Pakistani officials and asked them to sign a document, which states that they received the corpse, after signing the paper we called the Momand tribal elders to bring the corpse. As soon we handed the cadaver over to Mohsain Dawar and other tribal elders with hooting LAR O BAR YAW AFGHAN “Pashtuns on both sides are Afghans” Pakistani officers erupted and tried to bring coffin onto their shoulders, without waiting for a second we reacted and brought the coffin back, Sheharyar Afridi then ordered the Pakistani forces to step back right away, and finally we handed the coffin over to our Pashtun brothers and did the farewell.

When they had taken the corpse into the tribal area on the other side of Durand line a Pakistani officer put their country’s flag on the coffin, which was thrown away by Pashtun revolutionists and the coffin was taken into an ambulance for Peshawar and we too left for Jalalabad. Now, if this course of mine made the Pakistani state’s puppets and stooges ailed I don’t care, I have just fulfilled my duty and tried to give any possible respect and dignity to our beloved Tahir Dawar’s cadaver. Furthermore, the fight for Pashtun’s right and freedom will of course be continued, which will be achieved very soon, because history shows that a small revolutionary group has always defeated bigger usurpers and occupiers. Similarly, we will defeat and overthrow The Punjabis from the Pashtun land and clime, and stooges like Sheharyar Afridi and Ajmal Wazir will be incarcerated of qualm forever. Now, I will bring some facts for the Pakistani institutions if they can challenge or they have to answer: First, Tahir Dawar was kidnaped from the green zone area G-sector of Islamabad; his family contacted the Pakistani institutions after his missing. But, what they were told has cleared everything; the police chief of KPK told the family that Tahir Dawar was safe and sound. Additionally, senior advisor to the Pakistani Prime Minister in his statement to media said that Tahir Dawar was not abducted at all. Furthermore, the interior minister Sheharyar Afridi had said that it was quite a sensitive issue and he could not comment. Now Tahir Dawar’s abduction from the green zone of the capital, the Pakistani institutions jittering and controversial statements makes it clear that he was murdered by the Pakistani security establishment.

Firstly, an abduction by any group including IS, Taliban and TTP is always for a demand, while no demand was made on Tahir’s abduction but found dead. So, Tahir was never kidnapped as the PM’s advisor had said. Interestingly, IS has never claimed the responsibility which they always do on their website in such cases.

Secondly, so if the case is not of any kidnapping but of the murder, then, it does not make any sense that IS or any groups abducts one from the most secure area, take him all the way from Punjab to KPK and FATA and then kill him on the other side of the Durand line, rationally he should have been killed in Islamabad.

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Thirdly, the interior minister did not open his mouth in 19 days but right after the death body’s photos were viral on social media he found that Tahir was kidnaped from Islamabad and taken via Jehlam, Mianwali and Bannu to Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. But, he did not even try to know that Bannu meets Khost province not Nangarhar. Being from a tribal area namely North Waziristan, I challenge if anyone except the Punjabi army could travel and/or drive without a strict checking and the WATAN CARD to Punjabi army checkpoints in every five kilo-meters. The vehicle carrying Tahir Dawar’s corpse on its entrance from Bannu into North Waziristan must have passed at least 20 army checkpoints before reaching the Durand line.

Fourthly, Tahir Dawar’s corpse was found right on the Durand line in 100 meters distance from the Pakistani army checkpoint, and the army footprints from where the corpse was found were tracing back to the same checkpoint. Moreover, the deceased family has rejected the Joint investigation by Pakistani institutions and asked for an international and/or UN investigation. In addition to that, Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal, the Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan has recommended a joint investigation, but Pakistan has ignored the recommendation so far.

In conclusion, SP Tahir Dawar was one of the strongest supporters of PTM, he has composed many poems wailing the Punjabi states tyrannies on Pashtuns and their clime. Furthermore, being a senior police officer he had enough documents, evidence and testimony on how innocent Pashtuns are arrested, disappeared and killed, and he would have brought those documents any time. For a terrorist state like Pakistan, it was quite easy to kill Tahir Dawar in an accident and/or some other way, but they wanted to prove their hooliganism without any fear so it shall be a lesson to other Pashtun officers who disagree with the Punjabi establishment’s policy. On one hand, the establishment murdered Tahir Dawar and on the other hand, they tried to asperse Afghanistan and create abhorrence between the Pashtuns on both sides of the Durand line. But fortunately, their insidious and cabal deed has further united the Pashtuns on both sides of the Durand line.

Interestingly, the ongoing Pakistani-state terrorism has forced the Pashtuns to change their loyalties on Pakistan and man-made religious extremism. They want change and national freedom from the Punjabi state. It is time for the US-led international community to not depend on the lies and deceits of Pakistan, and directly nurture strategic relationship with the Pashtuns and other suppressed nations in Pakistan to get rid of the terror sponsor State and its terrorism.

– Imtiaz Wazir is a Kabul-based Afghan Nationalist from North Waziristan,  Former central chairman of Pakhtun Students Federation and Former Sub Editor at Afghanistan Times.

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