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Olly Esse (Sunburn Festival)

Candid Talk with Olly Esse, the sensational DJ rocking the decks

Olly Esse, one of the most famous female  DJ from Italy, in a candid interview with Shaurya Ritwik, Founding Editor, The Charticle shared her story, her passion for music, her love for India and a lot more. Olly Esse has been rocking the decks all across the globe and have been performing in some of the biggest music festivals  in world. She has a huge fan base and established herself as a growing global sensation in entertainment industry.

Olly, First of all, I will like to congratulate you for your amazing work in music industry. You are undoubtedly one of my favourite DJ. To start with, we will like to know how your love for music developed? Since when you decided that this will be your career path?

Thank you, Shaurya. Well, I have been in show business since I was 17 so its been a while, but I still enjoy it as it my first day. I started my DJ career when I was 20, back then we had primitive 100 cdjs from Pioneer, now all the people are using Mac, but I chose to do it old school and continued to play with my CDs and till now I’m performing only live, because I love to have everything under control and I also love to be original in my mixes. I always wanted to be the part of the nightlife as a DJ, and I actually dated a DJ that time, and I was curious how he spins and at that time he told me that I could never do it, well, after 10 years I am still here playing in most important Indian clubs and festivals.

Music is the language of the soul. Do you feel that music is something which connects all of us inspite of so much diversity? What role music can play in bringing global harmony?

On all of my parties I try to say something that inspire people to come together, we have one word, we are one family, we listen to music, whatever it is, Jazz or R’n’B or dubstep, we all want to be happy. Well, music is connected to all of our moods, to all of our best and worst moments, reminds us who we love. Music is a rhythm that gives us hope for the better future and I always see it on the big venues that people are united, they want to forget about bad things, they want to just be driven by the songs. We should do more charity events, music is for everyone, and thats why I hope I will get a chance to play on every charity event possible, my wish for 2018 is to see all the people smile.

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Italy's finest female DJ
(Olly Esse rocking the floor during live performance)

You have been coming to India and you have a big fan following here. What is the best thing you feel about India? What is the best memory India gave you?

You know, I actually shifted here, I could not stand the thought that I can’t live in India after so many beautiful moments I had here. I decided after 5 years of coming and going that my heart and my home belongs to India, I live in Mumbai now and I am blessed to share all my live moments with my new friends and my followers. I feel so happy with every time I am going on the stage, because I am working all over the India and I see different people every time and the magic that happens when we all party together is just indescribable. Every time I am going to perform is a moment that I cherish in my hear.

We have so many successful women in entertainment industry. But do you feel that there still is a glass ceiling for women to break? Even in Hollywood and Bollywood we often hear the pay differences between male and female actors.  Is it little difficult for women to mark her way in entertainment industry which is generally dominated by other sex?

The time is changing, the people mindset is evolving, 100 years ago a girl who was an actress it was a taboo and now we have all the stars shining up there in film industry like Angelina Jolie. In several countries being a woman in show business industry equals to be cursed. But I believe in humanity, I believe in a spirit of a New Age, I believe in positivity and the woman’s soul. I usually say that male is a car that runs with a benzin, while a woman is a car that runs with diesel so many we are not that quick but success should be constructed day by day so then it could last for long. We will get there, we will have whatever we can get, and the best of it all – We have patience.

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Olly Esse
(Image : Olly Esse)

You have performed in the biggest music festivals across the globe like Sunburn Festival, Sound Nation-Nepal, Sunrise festival, Supersonic-India etc. There are people who love you, support you and admire you. We will like to know who are your favourite people in music industry, your inspirations?

I admire ATB, I am in love with his work and attitude. Real celebrity, amazing producer. Despite everything, he always remained humble and with a huge smile. I also appreciate other old school DJs like Coccoluto, I worked with him and I have learned so much from him. He’s more than 50 and still in the industry, same Carl Cox. I can’t express how impressed I am by these people. Can you imagine that they are still number 1 after so many years and still rocking the floor.

What message you will like to give youngsters who are working hard to make a successful career in music and entertainment industry? How can they deal with failures while chasing their dreams? 

Show business is the hardest career ever, be prepared to have every kind of surprise on this earth, there will be always something new. But while climbing, remember to smile, this solves so many issues and problems.  Whenever you will feel weak or you will fail, don’t stand in the place, go out, run, put your music on loud, cry, shout, then come back to work. People love when you don’t get down. So try to stay always up, smile, be gentle, try to learn a lot from everyone you meet. Professionality is not the option when you are standing in front of the crowd and you have to perform. And most of all, don’t give up, today’s pain is tomorrow’s victory.

Thank You very much Olly for talking with us. I wish you keep  on rocking us! 

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