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Ten ways in which travelling helps us evolve into better human beings

– By Aditi Gulati

Life is a process and everything we do, everywhere we go contributes to our experience, making it wholesome. Gone are the days when we had to figure out ways to comb the unexplored; for the transportation connectivity is only going to become better. People of all ages these days, have a strong craving to find out time to travel beyond borders to discover the other side.

I believe, every activity to which we expose ourselves and further participate, somehow always adds-on to our understanding of the whole universe and the way we get opportunities to evolve. Travelling is one such activity, whereby a traveller goes into the wild, in order to come closer to the expanse of universe which resides in his soul. Isn’t it beautiful, just how change is inevitably motivating?

Here are ten ways in which travelling helps us evolve into a better person:

1. Helps us build the lost connect:

In our accelerated lives, where we find it easy to connect with people from faraway places, but find it very difficult to reconnect with our inner selves, travelling is one perfect solution to find ourselves the calmness which has withered along with our hair & age. The pressure of meeting deadlines and achieving over-whelming targets is making everything lot worse.

2. Helps us sort out your life:

Life is simple, but, we untiringly keep making it complicated. I remember, one of my professors once told me “It’s easy to scribble lengthy and hard to comprehend verses, but it takes years of practice to make it all simple”. That one thing still holds deep relevance to me and my understanding of the world. Traveling helps you in sorting-out the complicating thing called life and makes you more hopeful for the galaxy full of possibilities lying ahead.

3. Helps us appreciate the raw beauty:

With traveling I don’t intend to refer here the mall-trips or five-star brunches; I’m here referring to travelling in real time, in order to explore the unexplored or rediscover the once forgotten. In our tightly-packed schedules, we invest most of our time in cribbing about others and justifying our thoughts and opinions. But, when you travel leaving behind the baggage of competition and occupational goals, you come across nature; trees, beaches, rivers, birds, mountains which help you breathe better and feel lighter.

4. Helps us become humble:

Traveling brings us the opportunity of exploring and understanding that nature ultimately does justice. Glowing vastness of nature makes us realize how small we are and how huge is nature. And, that’s when we smile and laugh at our own petty exaggerations of little thing which we did and others did back to us. Thus, travelling helps achieve the rarest of rare virtues; humility.

5. Helps us listen our true calling:

Most people end up accidently in the careers they pursue all their lives. Everybody is creative, but most people lose connect with their creative capacities before even pursuing the exploration process. Why? Because they waste their lives doing and becoming what others expect them to. But, travelling helps us get away from all the showbiz hustle and help us meet our raw-selves and thereby hear our true calling.

(Image Credits: Pexels)

6. Helps us value the offline world:

Travelling helps us in understanding how living-on-the-internet, is pretty much ruining our lives, ripping us off the opportunity of actually breaking the ice and socialising. An ardent traveller will always have bucketful of such stories to narrate, of how he/she made so many new friends, while travelling all by him/herself. Offline socializing altogether enriches our life experience by bringing to us ever-lasting moments of joy and laughter, whereas online socialising sometimes makes you feel insecure, for the virtual moments are momentary.

7. Helps us break-free from our cobwebs and breathe:

If you are a traveller or you happen to have friends who love travelling, you will better understand how travelling helps you breakthrough the circle and see the world outside.

8. Helps us feel empowered:

Travelling also happens to be a way of expressing and living the desire of freedom. Don’t you happen to have a wide funny smile on your face whenever you are about to embark on your journey. The very idea of travelling and exploring fuels-in hope and joy.

9. Helps us become more decisive:

Indecisiveness, happens to one of the many common weaknesses. Making right decisions at the right time is the trick that does it all. While travelling, we often come across hurdles and confusing routes, following the gut instinct firmly saves a lot of time and energy. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that decisiveness is a quality that we inherit in moments of extreme.

10. Helps us become more considerate and responsible:

Sometimes, the sole purpose of travelling is to get away from everyday disturbances. Most of us have lost patience for everybody is most concerned for themselves and later for the rest. By travelling to new communities we in a way allow ourselves to get touched with other people’s life and way of being. This altogether makes us more considerate and responsible human beings.

But to let all of these good things to happen, you must stay away from the pocket-idiot-screen; Phone. Happy Travelling!

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