Saturday , December 2 2023

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Are smartphones making us less smart?


Quick! When was the last time you remembered the birthdate of your best friend without consulting Facebook, or name of the movie you liked till a year ago without browsing through IMBD, or exact location of the new restaurant without clicking onto Google maps or when was it that you phone called your friends instead of dropping message on the …

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Ten ways in which travelling helps us evolve into better human beings


– By Aditi Gulati Life is a process and everything we do, everywhere we go contributes to our experience, making it wholesome. Gone are the days when we had to figure out ways to comb the unexplored; for the transportation connectivity is only going to become better. People of all ages these days, have a strong craving to find out …

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Consuming Porn, regretfully? Here are 5 workable ways to breakthrough


– By Aditi Gulati Everything we do, watch or hear has an impact on us. Though, the amount of impact does vary. Pornography has thus been a much debated topic over a last few years. People have now started to question its free sexistence over the internet; it’s devastating impact on consumers of varied age groups. Porn undoubtedly harms; our …

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Muslim women exudes love to Magical Israel


Farhana Rahman, a young Muslim woman from New York who is employed in an Israel based mobile app startup named Zula, posted a Facebook status full of boundless love for the state of Israel and its citizens Sunday. For those demoralized by the news these days, it is a true must-read. “As I am typing this,” she wrote upon returning …

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Pakistan is trying to Silence Pro-US, Pro-Israel Voice

Earlier this month, the Pakistani National Assembly (NA), slavishly followed suit with most of the Muslim world and the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in condemning United States President Donald Trump’s declaration that recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. “Debate” on the resolution was characterised by threats of violence and knee-jerk condemnation of the United States (US) and Israel. The resolution itself called the US …

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India, China Hold Talks on Long-running Border Dispute

India China

NEW DELHI — India and China on Friday discussed ways to prevent a repeat of a recent face-off between their armed forces at a Himalayan plateau where their borders meet and agreed that resolving their boundary disagreements served the interests of both countries. Relations between the two Asian giants have often been strained, partly due to an undemarcated border. They fought …

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AI chatbot ‘Ruuh’ changing handloom weavers’ lives in India: Nadella

Microsoft AI

Microsoft ‘s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based chatbot ‘Ruuh’ that has begun changing the lives of handloom weavers in India is something that will shape the future of technology, the company’s Indian-born CEO Satya Nadella has emphasised. ‘Ruuh’ has been built entirely by the research team in  India. “What’s incredible is that the team discovered how ‘Ruuh’ can help handloom weavers in …

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Only 27% Indians covered by health insurance: Report


Only 27 per cent of Indians have health insurance coverage, a joint report by FICCI and KPMG revealed Only 27 per cent of Indians have health insurance coverage, a joint report by FICCI and KPMG revealed on Monday. The report, titled “Health savings account in India”, revealed that the healthcare sector in India is largely underpenetrated with government expenditure constituting …

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‘I Married A Stranger’, a girl’s story

I married a stranger

I was on the bed, feeling terrified. I opened my diary and wrote, ‘ I married a stranger ’ and quickly hid it under the bed. My whole body was shaking. “What do I do?” I questioned myself. “Do I act like a virgin?” ” But what if he finds out? Do I tell him to wait for it for …

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Facebook admits it can make people feel worse


Call it admonition from parents and behavioural experts or self-introspection but Facebook has for the first time admitted that passively scrolling through posts on the social media platform can make people feel worse — while active engagement on the platform may have the opposite effect. Citing scientific research on well-being and social media, Facebook highlighted the two sides of using …

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